Five Horse Miniature Horse Hauler

The four horse model is designed for long-beds and weighs approximately 500 pounds without options. With 3 swing out dividers it comfortably and safely carries horses offering you the luxury of observing your precious minis. The four horse boasts drop down feed doors with separate safety bars covering two stalls or the single stall design.


The Five Horse is designed for those who just can not make up their mind on who to take to the show. It has the same features as the four horse with a little more added. It is 106 inches long, has five individual stalls with four swing out dividers. It has three drop down feed windowed doors with the front two and rear two sharing a common window. There are four stalls at 19 inches wide each and the center stall is 22 _ inches wide. It weighs approximately 600 pounds. This hauler can be used with the tailgate down or off. The ramp for this hauler is also 106 inches in length.

The Advantages:

There are many advantages to owning a Miniature Horse Hauler by Bob. No trailer towing and no wondering what your horses are doing in the trailer, you can see them through the pass thru window on the hauler that lines up with your truck cab window. You can open the pass thru windows and heat or cool your minis. Your horses receive the same ride you do. You can enjoy the safety of traveling at the speed limits or in heavy traffic without worrying about your horses in that darn trailer. You don’t have to worry about flat tires, brakes needing replaced, working tail lights, trailer sway, or added stress on your tow vehicle. Miniature Horse Haulers by Bob are lightweight, aerodynamically designed to reduce vehicle and person fatigue while saving you gas money and maintenance cost with a trailer.

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