Horse Miniature Horse Hauler Construction

All haulers are constructed with welded aluminum framing similar to that used in the commercial aircraft industry. Frames are drop tested to insure strength and durability. All aluminum tubing has a 1/8th inch wall thickness for increase strength in structural design and safety. The interior is designed with black ABS kick plate sidewalls with the same material used on the dividers.

The floors are constructed from 1/8th inch thick aluminum, 6061 hardness. All floors are finished with rubber mats to protect the floor and increased comfort for your horse.

All models include lightweight removable welded aluminum stall dividers with spring latches to secure them during transport. The dividers swing right or left to for ease of use. All dividers are covered with Black ABS Plastic to help keep the horses clean and ‘show ready’ during transport. You may chose the option of bars in the upper section of the dividers for increased visibility or opt for the standard ABS cover.

The exterior siding of all haulers is a Baked Polar White finish over Aluminum skin. The matching trim has a rubber UV protected insert for the ultimate finish. All roofs are reinforced with racks allowing for those extra heavy loads. Cart ramps are available for ease of loading. Items such as extra feed, carts, tack, and other equipment secured to the rack are transported safely.

The standard 12volt lighting system includes Amber Marker lights on the sides with Red Markers on the back for added safety. The interior and storage is lit up with lights that can be left on at night to watch your horses as you travel. An optional rear spotlight is available to increase visual for loading and unloading at night. A standard flat four wire plug is used to simplify hookup.

Lockable storage doors are insulated and sealed with rubber trim around the door’s frame. The drop down feed doors, on the side load models, have key lock paddle handles to prevent anyone from opening them if you stop for dinner, etc.

All horse haulers will fit on a full size truck with a short or long bed. The four and five horse models require the tailgate remain in the down position on the short bed.

A ‘Short Three Horse’ designed for the 2002 and newer _ ton crew cab pickups is now in the Standard Production Line.

Haulers can be custom manufactured for any size bed of truck. From the smallest of mini trucks to the midsize trucks we can manufacture a Miniature Horse Hauler just for you.

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